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 Welcome! My name is Suzanne B Jeffreys, and I'm the Founder of the American Healthy Lifestyle Club. I want to thank you for visiting my website: I’m passionate about empowering people to nurture themselves and create their own financial safety nets, so I’m glad you’re here. I make healthier choices and wealthier lifestyles simple and fun for individuals, families, communities and corporations across the US!   You can read my story HERE.

Whether you’re looking to improve your health, bridge the gap between the life you love and financial security, get out of debt, create a better work/family balance, or all of the above or anywhere in between, Shaklee could be the vehicle to help you achieve it.   I invite you to take a look at all that Shaklee has to offer you. If, after watching this, what I do and who we are as a company and also as a team within Shaklee resonates with you, then I would love to discuss some options with you!

Our products lines include:

Enjoy these stories of lifestyle transformation... your story could be next!

VIDEO 1:  Mike and Corrie Beth's Shaklee Effect (2m20s)


VIDEO 3: Carolyn's Shaklee Effect (2m13s)

VIDEO 4: Tasha and Colin's Shaklee Effect (2mins43s)


To your health and happiness,

Suzanne B Jeffreys, MS in Ed

Founder, American Healthy Lifestyle Club

Lifestyle Entrepreneur 


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__Ensuring I’m Getting the Right Nutrition or Addressing Specific Concerns below…

__Women’s Health __PMS __Prenatal __Nursing __Menopause 
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__Feeling YOUNGER 
__Memory __Circulation __Cholesterol __Blood Pressure 
__Immunity/Allergies __Joint __Bone __Eye __Digestive
__STRESS/Anxiety/Mood __Sleep __Liver __Pain Relief __Blood Sugar
__Healthy Weight Loss __Tone Up __Hair __Skin __Clean Water
__Non-Toxic Cleaners 

__SAVE $$$ 
__A FREE Anti-Aging “Mini-Facial”
__Earning EXTRA Income Sharing Products I Love
__Set a Date to Get my Friends Together to Hear about Shaklee and Earn FREE Products!

 __Create a financial safety net with year-round income of $500-$5000+ per month!


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